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Champions Museum


The WORLD ART Champions Museum Hall of Fame exists to exhibit Relevant, Original, Masterful legends of The Arts.

WORLD ART serves to introduce extraordinary artists and specific works of extreme accomplishment. We showcase a small selection of works and legacies, so that people may focus upon the significance of a single work, its purpose as an inspirational work and how it relates to an individual life.

WORLD ART rotates their online and physical works so that the work may be seen worldwide and in person, and that a work may be examined, touched, and known by feel and not simply as an object of significance that is behind glass. 

Many objects of great significance may go unnoticed due to their "commonness" and accessibility, however we are all in a world surrounded by art, which includes living creatures.

image000000 - 2023-01-26T184121.103.jpg

WORLD ART is proud to present one of the world's great art legends, Toller Cranston, an extraordinary figure skating champion and artist, who's entire life was dedicated to his own journey "chipping away at inhibition", sculpting his own unique existence. "Human Sail", a Toller Cranston original painting was purchased in Hong Kong in 1995 by Shepherd Clark, on an exhibition tour with Toller Cranston. Mentioned in Toller Cranston's book, "Zero Tollerance", Shepherd Clark is referenced as the buyer of this important work by Toller Cranston. "Human Sail" represents a moment in Toller Cranston's life when he felt like he was being blown about by destiny and not in total control of his own life. To Shepherd it was a strange thing to hear, as Shepherd had always thought his life was blown about by destiny, so to hear a skating legend admit to this at about 50 years of age, was a surprise, and an indicator that each of us has our own customized life learning curve, and timings. 

Mr. Cranston produced "Strawberry Ice" one of the most visionary skating shows in all of skating history. Shepherd Clark and Toller Cranston worked together on the ice and they watched a documentary on the life of Sonja Henie together while in China. Mr. Cranston's life work includes, as a skating commentator for Canada, and as a writer of several books. Dick Button referred to Toller Cranston as "Rococo", or over the top Baroque in his style as an artist. Toller Cranston was a world famous interior designer, who's colorful style was an inspiration to other artists and designers. Other extraordinary designers who are a part of the WORLD ART story, as Tony Duquette and Hutton Wilkenson. "Maximalism" is a style that some may refer to eccentric, however many people are drawn to the style and have a fascination with such visionary and richly decorated interiors and exteriors of a residence.

Wallace Chan, born in mainland China, sleeping on dirt floors, rose to global fame as the world's greatest jewel master, inventing his own porcelain which is incorporated into the world's most valuable art jewels. As a child, Mr. Chan dropped and broke a family spoon, which he found to be fascinating. A living legend as an artist and a designer of jeweled objects, Mr. Chan produces jeweled art objects which transcend what is normally thought to be possible in the art of the jeweler. From the humblest of beginnings, Mr. Chan is a model of life, maximizing his potential in the extreme. WORLD ART holds a special appreciation for Wallace Chan's example, as it is the highest level of overcoming adversity through the love of art, gem carving, and the use of one's creativity, discipline, and developed mastery.

To date, "A Heritage In Bloom", an extraordinary Jade, Jadeite, and diamond necklace, remains in its own class, for its Chinese cultural representation, use of extremely rare materials, and functionality in its 27 variations of use as jewels art to be worn on the human body.

There are so many original innovations in Mr. Chan's life that one is almost compelled to say that Leonardo DaVinci was "The Wallace Chan of The Renaissance". WORLD ART is pleased to present Mr. Chan, as one of history's most extraordinary artistic life examples.

Al Oerter Disc Painting 1.jpg

WORLD ART presents Art of The Olympians, Founded by Al Oerter, as well as his wife, fellow artist, Cathy Oerter. Mr. Oerter was a four time Olympic Gold Medalist in Discus, who became an Olympic legend as a result of his extraordinary successes. Amazingly, Mr. Oerter was a big fan of modern artists, who had always been an inspiration to him, as an athlete. Not the first thing one would assume as an inspiration for a legendary athlete, modern art can serve to inspire beyond the bounds of what is typically thought to be logical. Mr. and Mrs. Oerter's story remains among the most unusual, as they made the connection with figure skating and art, when Peggy Fleming was asked to narrate The Art of The Olympians video documentary online. HSH Prince Albert of Monaco, an avid art collector is seen as a Founding supporter of The Art of The Olympians, along with a host of Olympic athletes, legends, and Arts dignitaries in Florida in the early 2000's. A hurricane in 2022 has damaged a major part of the collection, but WORLD ART and The Art of The Olympians have collaborated to find a new home for this extraordinary art collection, showcasing the ways in which art is an essential facet of figure skating. and history of The Olympic Games.

A selection of works by figure skaters are on display by Gary Visconti, Tommy Litz, Toller Cranston, Sonja Henie, Peggy Fleming and others.



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