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The WORLD ART Hall of Fame begins with Suzanne Shelley Clark, a lifelong art benefactress and collector. Mrs. Clark's mother, was the famous Loys Shelley, a master of delicate and exquisite "Egg Arts".

Mrs. Clark was the mother of Shepherd Clark, and was honored as an extraordinary individual, by The World Figure Sport Society in 2020, shortly after she tragically passed away during the COVID pandemic.

Suzanne Clark's lifelong example was recognized by The Kelly's of Lake Placid, the world's most accomplished skating dynasty, as her half century saw her son struggle on his figures, to become the man most recognized for mastery of figures and preserving the history of skating via The World Figure & Fancy Skating Championships, over the entirety of World Figure Sport Society's existence. Mrs. Clark is singled out as a skating parent, due to her dedication, faith, love, and perseverance over her lifetime. A woman of compassion, her interests were not influenced by prestige. Rather, they could best be characterized by compassion, encouragement, and friendship. She was also well known to view animals as important, and to help find homes for cats and kittens, and naming her son "Shepherd", as she was a great lover of the art and beauty of all God's living beings. A unique jeweled award is presented in Lake Placid, New York yearly.

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